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Intellectual property

Intellectual property

"Lamel-777", Scientific and Production Additional Liability Company was set up and registered in the State register of the Republic of Belarus in December 1997 and is a member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Belarus.

The founders and top specialists of our company have been engaged in physical and mechanical processing of disperse materials for 20-25 years. Our professionals have been always actively participating in development of centrifugal milling and classifying equipment (as evidenced by the attached list of copyright certificates awarded to co-authors who are our employees).

All the equipment designed in the framework of SP ALC "Lamel-777" is manufactured according to in-house designs and specifications as partially evidenced by the attached list of patents.

As of now, our company is one of the leaders in production of various air classifiers. By 2009 60 our centrifugal air classifiers with various specifications and used for different materials have been successfully operating at the manufactures of finely dispersed and binding materials (ref. List of supplied equipment).

It should be noted that cascade-gravitational air classifiers supplied by a number of companies are produced under the current patents of the Republic of Belarus No.3964 "Multi-product Separation of Disperse Materials" and No.3970 "Multi-product Classifier", co-authors and co-patentees of which are our employees; the right to use these patents has never been assigned.

As of now, we've designed a new generation of more advanced multi-product gravitational and combined air classifiers secured by patens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus (ref. List of patents) that enjoy good account at different manufacturing sites.


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Директор: Мельников Алексей Васильевич
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Тех. директор: Фогелев Владимир Арсеньевич
Tel: +375 (017) 286-17-63
Tel: +375 (017) 286-17-64

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